Nicole Cleis Anderson is self employed and currently residing in Montana.   While she enjoys many outdoor activities such as hiking and fishing, writing remains her passion.  Her credits include publication in an anthology printed by Pix-N-Pens Press.  Her goal is to continue to strive to bring encouragement to the body of Christ and glory and honor to Jesus Christ with her poetry and other writings.

“What a journey this has been!! I measure my life not by my position or education I have the opportunity to obtain, but by the ways in which the Lord is moving, guiding, and working through my life. As long as I can be of use to the Lord, my life has been successful!  I can’t wait to see what the next 30 years with the Lord bring!”

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Love the photo; it says so much about things that are so difficult to express in words. ‘What’s around the next corner?’ being the one simple one. But I wish I could find words for that curved bank on the left.

    • That’s what I like about rivers! You never see the same water twice – it is always moving, flowing, and changing – and you never quite know what is around the next corner! Love your perceptions!!

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