To Be Found At His Feet

Rather than write about a segment of my journey or a particular place I am at in my life, I thought I would share some of my praise, some of my heart. This is the heartbeat behind my journey and, regardless of all else, the journey is for Him. I long “To Be Found At His Feet.”

To Be Found At His Feet

At His feet, we humbly fall –
in reverent adoration.
At His feet, we humbly fall –
our burdens tumbling down before Him.
At His feet, we humbly fall –
Laying down our dreams.

At His feet – the place my heart most longs to be,
So humbling,
full of mercy,
unending grace.

To lay myself,
my dreams,
my all before Him –
I am speechless, my Lord.

Tears of gratitude flood my eyes,
rivers form within my heart.

I pour out my all,
my praise,
my heart –
all before you, my King.

Mercy unending,
grace undeserved,
love unfailing –
All found at Your feet.

Silent Roar


The sound of silence
Heard in the halls
Loud and clear
The voices stall
There are only sounds of hearts agreed
That those in pain must be freed
The sound of silence
Heard in the rooms
Echoes the cries of those living in doom
Freedom for all
The frail and the weak
The sound of silence
Clearly resounding in strength
Calling out in one small act
Standing together in the gap
Hope to those hopeless
Love to those without love
Peace to those in violence
A voice for those who have none

Sherri Osborne, April 18, 2013

Praise be to the God who speaks loudest through the sound of silence. (And thank you, Sherri, for allowing me to share this beautiful work.)